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About the redtails

Steph & Pat

business coaches, designers, web developers, writers, and parents - all in one package

Parenting and starting a business is hard; like doing prenatal yoga with a toddler hard. We're here for you. We get it. Your friends and family think you're crazy for making this move now that you’re a parent...but so what?! You've got us now: your new, unrelated, hopped-up on caffeine, blurry-eyed family. Feel better yet?!

Whatever you're going through; we've been there, and we can help with the next steps. Our focus is to help as many parents, like you, start your business and make a plan to ditch your job.

Think of us as your temporary mum and dad: we'll give you the swift kick in the pants you need to start and keep going. We know how hard it is when the kids aren't sleeping, you're not sleeping and you work full-time - it sucks. But, (yes, there's a but), do you want your business? Yes! Do you want to tell your kids they can be whatever they want to be without being a fraud? Exactly!

Coaching can get you working and your business grand-opened faster than you can say "Quick! Pass me the wipes!" 

We've got so much to offer the overwhelmed parent, learn more about us and why we're different!


About Steph

Idea woman and professional Butt-kicker


Steph is excitable: she'll come up with with a bunch of ideas and get you all riled up! Just like her clients, she doesn't have time for b.s., there's no time for thatShe left corporate after 10 years to pursue her lifelong dream of bossing other people around


About Pat

Follow-through and accountability guy


Patrick's specialty is to get momentum going during the honeymoon phase and keep it going when your enthusiasm starts to wane. Some might call it babysitting but we think it's the key to a great experience! He's keen on the psychology of habit and mindset; so you can bet he's the right person to propel you towards your goals. Compassion and heart is what you get with this guy; a great-listener and all-knowing when it comes to the challenges of business and parenting.


A web-developer disguised as a Canadian football fanatic, fantastic speaker, dad extraordinaire, and red hair to die for; blessed much?!